09 Dhu al-Hajjah 1433 (10/26/2012)

57 begin
15 when we fashioned this body
MAIN TOPIC: how the prophets were treated
4:82 ponder this quran
36: how messengers were treated
Don't reject, don't ridicule,
7:142 Moses assigning Aaron as successor
6:158 extra unplanned ayat

DU'A. Eid al ghadir-kholm
reject enemies of Allah. Atomic bomb of Islam; 3-verses
47:7 footsteps are firm when you help Allah
3:160. If Allah helps you there will be no defeated for you
61:14. Help Allah as Jesus asked disciples to help him
If we help Allah, he will help us...no one can defeat us. How do you help Allah? Help the messengers. For verse Jesus asking his disciples who will help me? We will help Allah.