23 Muharram 1434 A.H. (12/07/2012

Free will can overcome environmental and genetic factors
Willpower can offset all evil factors and traits out of ones control
Unleash willpower by getting rid of stubbornness & rid of 5 obstacles to the path of submission
Eltaezan- determination to implement something
Obedience of commands results in a certain light on the body
A special light is generated that doesn't have to do with knowledge or physical world... THAT light induced into the heart of a person
Galb is the container for a persons knowledge (special light)

Life force is 'Ruh' (wind - generated from two types of weather -hot&cold)
When good and evil come into contact with one another, creates wind
Prerequisite is to cut off from EVERYTHING ELSE other than Allaah

Being linked , being touched by secret aspect only known to Allaah. That aspect of you that even unknown to you. That aspect is worthy to be connected with Allaah

NAFS = selfhood ( that we're developing everyday here )
AGHL = that faculty by which Allaah may be worshipped&paradise earned