About Us


We try earnestly to live every minute of our lives in worship (ebauda).
Ebauda ♥ is defined in the Holy Quran at the very last verse in Chapter 18
upon two conditions:

#1) Any action that is approved by Allaah; and
#2) engagement into that action is solely to please Him and Him alone.

Every human action therefore should become an act of worship!

We worship Our Creator (Allaah swt) every minute of our lives three ways:
#1: Salat = Five daily prayers per ritualistic prescription;
#2: Du'a = Prayers at any time of day, any place directed to Allaah;
#3: Ebauda = See above

I created the jinn and humankind only that they might worship Me. Qur'an: Adh-Dhariayat 51:56