1/18/13. 35:5 oh mankind, anything Allaah promises is true.
Hayatoldunyaa is a trap. Removing Allaah from daily affairs
Salat all belongs to Allaah. None is for us. Allaah should be our only intention.
Main theme, how Satan deceives man.
2 tricks through worldly life : 1) replacing Allaah. 2) associating partners.(shirk)
Don't let the chief deceiver deceive you <<in respect to Allaah>>
" go ahead and sin, Allaah is forgiving " he doesn't say go d is also just... As a result of this deceit, you procrastinate... Te advice is incomplete in regards to Allaah.
Aversion is another trap/distraction
Today's theme: 35:6 Satan is your enemy! (The whole first sermon was to say this). Take him as an enemy!