24:21 start. All mankind, Do not follow the footsteps of satan.
He gets people step by step.
We shouldn't use bad words because this mouth is to be used to enunciate quran
Sin is something that primordial nature rejects; it doesn't recognize it as something to be done. Evil is someone not recognized by you.
Sin is called hurt.
2:168-169 eat halal. Enjoy what's good for your real self
We're prohibited from alcohol, its actually a poison to the soul
We get away from poison and don't let our children get close to it because it's recognized as such - Allaah is commanding us to get away from alcohol.

If you do "doable" tasks, it makes you more qualified to do more difficult tasks... If you don't play games with these, you'll be stronger when the time comes you're asked to run a society. Higher tasks are confronted by more and more difficult tasks.

7:28 don't let satan to put you into fitna. Don't let yourself be deceived the way he caused Adam and Eve to fall. They came down in rank (not from another place). People say they're doing something the way they saw their fathers doing and that Allaah commanded them to do something; but its an indecent act. These people were so called believers in a god they called Allaah.
What state were they in that caused them to come down and lose something heavenly? HOMEWORK: study Adam & Eve to see what they did.

7:21 swearing as a mechanism of receipt. Satan swears in order to deceive. Their garments were stripped from them [for the first time, they started seeing deeply their shameful aspects, parts... They discovered what they were capable of doing.

[36:60 Allaah admonishes them didn't I tell you not to worship satan?!?]