Justice is required to maintain marriage. Multiple marriages require justice to maintain. Injustice results in collapse.
6:75-83 (82). Abraham discusses w/his community. You associate partners and are Mushrik, I am monotheist. How can I be afraid of that you associate with Allaah while you're not afraid?!?

The root of human need, is seeking safety and security.
31:13 Lohman
10: Among these partners, which one can guide you to the truth? Allaah guides

None of the prophets were followers of anybody else. All had been guided directly by Allaah.
4:138 give hypocrites only good news they could have.
Hypocrites take disbelievers waliyaah over believers.

5:51 oh you who believe, believers could become tholm

Next week, relationship between Tholm and Imams