May 2013 Sermons

Insecurity is the result doing Tholm. We're restrained from gods guidance
12:22. Joseph was in prison because of sloppiness of a husband
Justice was implemented Luke warmly
The judge should have implemented compete justice; only a weak man does half heart
Man seeks two things: 1) safety, security; 2) knowing the way
Loqman tells his son, "don't do this that or it's Tholm"
2:124 Abraham chosen
16:  characteristic of Abraham
Prophets are chosen by Allaah NOT by election if the people
2:128 "inni" "I" have assigned ( not even Anna -we created ) khalifa/imam Abraham

Adam hadn't shed blood but angels ask Allaah how he's creating man to she'd blood... This is example of evolution process of man

Science is the idol of today. Fabricated by man. Does Allaah exist? Science can't answer

Needy creatures should take their wants and needs to the One who is not needy; don't take your need to others who are needy. Once you believe someone has taken care of you, you get grateful.

====>35:2. 6:17-18.
New verses we're reading these past few weeks at Khutba Opening
18:17. 39:36-37<====. [4:78-79|. 64:11|. 57:22-23|. Hasan's verses]

65:  whoever safe guards Allah

38:71 remember when your lord said to the angels, I am making man from mud
5/3/13. Definition of freedom
Sura Ihnsan 76. Human. Mankind.  (2nd name Era Dhar) Story of Ali's family giving Iftar food to wayfarers. Naming of chapter is 76

49:13, 49:7,  2:124 for next week
24:beginning verses. Shiuu' (scatter spread) like Shi'a
3:  Abraham was Muslim
37:82. Of the followers of Noah was Abraham
Satan is behind all injustice.  He commands opposite of Allaah
Choosing to believe is a GIANT step but is is just the beginning.
Faith can be increased or it can be decreased.
From the moment of believing in the truth, we must SAFEGUARD it and then our faith would evolve and grow.

Rajab. 2 rakka between maghrib&isha

2:124 Abraham was tested through WORDS
16:120 Abraham was Oma
37:towards end, Abraham has talk with his son